Utility Metal Carport

“I need to buy both a metal shed and a metal carport.” said Mrs. Bayne. “I just do not have the money to buy both.”  Mrs. Bayne like many of our customers sometimes need both solutions. If you are looking for space to store things, but also need a metal carport for your vehicle, then the Utility Metal Carport is the best affordable option. Our Utility Carports are designed as a combo of a carport and storage. This gives you the best of both worlds. Lets quickly dive in how to choose the right utility carport for your needs.

The first step is to choose your overall structure size. Check our prices and options page to see our standard sizes. The next step is to find the truss space for your area. Contact your local dealership or contact our main office for more information. In most cases in Michigan, truss spaces are at approximately 3′ ft spaces (most common). You can decide to close your storage space at 3′ ft increments. If you want your storage space to be something special, then we must add an extra truss to avoid altering the integrity of the building. Finally, add roll-up doors, windows, walk-in doors, etc. Simple and easy.

Check out the Utility Metal Carport installed in Kalkaska, Michigan. It is designed with the best roof style for snow; the vertical roof. The building is an 18x26x7 A-Frame Vertical Roof with 9′ ft enclosed and 16′ ft carport. Options also included are an 8×7 roll-up door with 1- 36″x72″ walk in door. The price for this building in Michigan is $4,340 + tax & anchors. This includes delivery and installation on your level ground.

The two tone or formally known in the steel building industry as “wainscot” helps make the building more visually appealing. Better yet, it is free on horizontal sides and an additional fee on vertical siding. Contact us for a free quote on your next metal utility carport.

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