The Dodge Ram truck that you see stored in the metal garage has a little history behind it. It was owned by co-founder of Midwest Steel Carports, Hector Aguilar Jr. He loved his truck. He proudly showed off his truck and could care less the year it was built. He was determined to continue fixing it up until it could not run anymore. On September 17,2016 on his way home, he was involved in an accident. He lost his life. Big dreams were cut short at such a young age (24), but his charisma and spirit still lives within the company. In loving memory to Hector Aguilar Jr, we will continue to work hard and maintain the company alive.

Today his father stores the truck in his metal storage garage. The metal building is a 24 x 21 x 9 A-Frame Vertical Roof with horizontal sides. It includes 2 – 10 x 8 roll-up doors. The building price is $6,095.00 + tax and anchors. This includes delivery and installation on your level ground.

Are you paying storage rent? Consider making an investment in a metal storage garage that will take an upfront investment that will payoff in the long run. For more ideas, visit our products page or contact us for a free estimate.