Choosing the Right Metal Carport in Michigan

Ordering the right metal carport in Michigan is crucial to protect your valuables from the heavy snow loads. In Michigan, snow loads can range from 30 psf to 70 psf so it is important to choose the right company that will provide you a structure that will last you for years. Check out the image on the left to better understand what your building should be rated for.

At Midwest Steel Carports all our buildings are engineer rated for 70 psf. If you want to increase your metal carport’s snow load rating we can add additional trusses. What about the roof style? Does that make a difference? Yes. The A-Frame Vertical roof is the best roof style we offer. The sheet panels run from the top of the carport where the peak starts to the bottom. This roof system displaces snow much more efficiently than standard horizontal roofs. Additionally, it is reinforced with purlins used to support the roof panels with the vertical orientation which makes it a stronger unit. If you need a carport or garage that will last for years, nearly maintenance free, this is the roof system that you want.

Check out the unit below. This was recently installed in the month of April in Newaygo, Michigan. It is a 12 gauge 20W x 36L x 8H Vertical Roof with Horizontal Sides.

This unit was delivered & installed for the customer with a 1 year workmanship warranty. Contact us today for your free estimate on your next metal carport or visit our products page for more ideas. Remember, we are based in Michigan. Keep your hard earned money in your community.