Are there standard building sizes?



Are There Standard Building Sizes?

Short Answer: Yes, there are standard building sizes. However, you can always customize the size to best fit your needs.

In the steel building industry, there are standard sizes that you can base your project on. Most companies in the industry provide you with roof dimensions, this meaning that the dimensions include the overhang of your roof line. However, Midwest Steel Carports, Inc. provides you with frame dimensions, this meaning that the dimensions do not include the additional overhang of your roof line.

Standard Dimensions

The industry has established standard dimensions that increase in increments of 2’ for the width and 5’ for the length. For example, standard width sizes would be: 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, etc. and standard length sizes (roof dimensions including overhang) would be: 21’, 26’, 31’, 36’, etc. The standard length sizes for Midwest Steel Carports, Inc. (frame dimensions not including overhang) would be 20’, 25’, 30’, 35’, etc.

Custom Dimensions

Every contractor is different, some may offer you a variety of ways to customize your building size whereas others may only offer a limited number of ways. At Midwest Steel Carports, Inc. you can customize your building size any way you would like as long as it is below our max capacity of 100’ wide and 20’ tall on the sidewall height. However, we do recommend going with the closest standard size up, if you are able to, to get the most value for your money. For example, if you would like your building to be 18’ wide x 23’ long, we would recommend going with an 18’ wide x 25’ long. This is due to the fact that the 25’ material still needs to be purchased, but it is cut down to your 23’ size. Essentially, you would be still be paying for the 25’ length but it would be custom manufactured to your desired 23’ length. Always speak to your representative about your available options and for recommendations for your specific project!

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A-Frame Horizontal Roof

A-Frame Horizontal roofs give your structure a residential look. The sheet panels run from side to side and does not have purlins or ridge cap. The increase in price to upgrade to A-Frame Horizontal is the additional welding needed on your trusses (bows). An excellent option to keep your residential look for residential areas for a minimum upgrade costs.


A-Frame Vertical Roof

Known as the best choice for areas that experience extreme weather conditions, the vertical roof style is hands down the best choice for Michigan weather. The roof panels run from the pitch to the eaves causing heavy snows, rain, and natural elements to slide off the roof easily. In order to tie down the panels to the structure, we must add purlins or hat channels lengthwise making the structure more rigid. The finished look with special trim all around the roof and ridge cap makes this roof style the best option.