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Which Roof Style is the Best Option?

A-Frame Roof IMG

Short answer: The A-Frame Vertical roof style is the best option for your steel building. 

Did you know we have two different roof styles to choose from? Midwest Steel currently offers the A-Frame Horizontal and the A-Frame Vertical roof styles. When comparing, clients consider the advantages and the cost of each option. Here is a brief overview of the different roof options and why the A-Frame Vertical is your best option! 

A-Frame Horizontal

The A-Frame Horizontal roof gives your metal building a residential look with the peak roof style. This roof style features horizontal sheeting, hence the name, “A-Frame Horizontal”. Therefore, the ridges on the panels run horizontally, or from gable to gable. This roof style does not have purlins or a ridge cap, as we secure the 3′ panels directly to the trusses. A-Frame Horizontal is an excellent option if you want a cost-effective residential look and experience fair weather. 


  • Residential style
  • Lower cost
a-frame horizontal roof

A-Frame Vertical

The A-Frame Vertical roof style is the best choice for harsh weather conditions in the Midwest region. The A-Frame Vertical roof style features vertical panels. Therefore, the panels run from the peak of the roof down to the eaves. Thus, heavy snow, rain, and other debris slide off the roof easily. With the A-Frame Vertical roof, we use extra material to properly secure the panels to the framework. This roof requires purlins, which support the vertical 3′ panels. Additionally, the A-Frame Vertical includes a ridge cap and vertical trim, offering you a nice, finished look.


  • Residential style 
  • Easier run-off 
a-frame vertical roof
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a-frame horizontal roof


A-Frame Horizontal Roof

A-Frame Horizontal roofs give your structure a residential look. The sheet panels run from side to side and does not have purlins or ridge cap. The increase in price to upgrade to A-Frame Horizontal is the additional welding needed on your trusses (bows). An excellent option to keep your residential look for residential areas for a minimum upgrade costs.


A-Frame Vertical Roof

Known as the best choice for areas that experience extreme weather conditions, the vertical roof style is hands down the best choice for Michigan weather. The roof panels run from the pitch to the eaves causing heavy snows, rain, and natural elements to slide off the roof easily. In order to tie down the panels to the structure, we must add purlins or hat channels lengthwise making the structure more rigid. The finished look with special trim all around the roof and ridge cap makes this roof style the best option.

a-frame vertical roof